Events are focused on particular wine topics or wine regions key to understanding the world of wine. The events usually lasting 3 to 4 hours consist of: a brief introductory talk, an in depth interactive structured tasting of 4 to 6 wines which exemplify the topic or are typical of a key wine appellation and then the enjoyment of foods specifically chosen as complementary to the wines you have been tasting.

The experience of first tasting the wines on a stand alone basis and then with foods which specifically complement them cannot be overstated. If you’ve never had this experience, it can be truly “mind bending” and passion creating.

The goals of the events are threefold:

  • Learning and experiencing something meaningful about wine and the places they come from (terroir)
  • Enjoying great wines and foods which pair fantastically with them
  • Having a great time with great friends and lively conversations

Some past events have been focused on:

  • Major red wine varietals and how to identify them
  • White wine varietals and how to identify them
  • Wines of the Loire Valley of France
  • Wines of Chile and the unique Carmenere grape
  • Wines of Argentina and the Malbec and Torrontes grapes
  • Pinot Noir wine from around the world and what makes them unique
  • Bordeaux blend grapes and what each adds to the “mix”

Of course, tasting events can be focused on whatever topic the group decides it finds the most interesting, usually the host has a large influence.

How are the wines selected for the events?

Our goal is to select high quality wines which are reflective (typicity) of the topic or place (appellation) in focus which both represent high value (prices which at a minimum fully reflect their quality) and which are available for purchase from major retail sources.  They are not chosen for snob appeal, high Parker ratings and certainly are considered to be “food friendly”.

Events are scheduled for groups of up to 10 members who commit to a minimum of 4 events during a year. They are held in group member’s homes on a rotating basis, typically once each year for each group member. The wine and food selections and pairings are planned by CruVentures and group members volunteer to bring to each event two major menu items chosen from a CruVenutures’ created menu. All the logistics of the events are planned by CruVentures with each host so as to ensure a great experience at every event without making the process complex or difficult.

How are groups structured?

We have found that the best groups consist of friends or neighbors who share a sincere interest in socializing with one another but also share significant but varying levels of passion about wine and learning about the world of wine.